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Jul 10

Anonymous said: wait a second, is your story over? i forgot the name because i'm an idiot, please find it in your heart to forgive me for my lazyness not to go and find the title. -hugs tightly- i love your story.

Oh, uh. Thank you! I’ll be updating soon. I’ve gotten a surprising amount of messages asking if I was going to continue, I am! :3 But I couldn’t because I had screwed up my wrists a while back. Thank you all for reading and waiting on me!

Jun 26

The Seven Stages : Part 7

Updating daily is…harder than I thought it would be. Really. Just, no comment on that. I don’t have much to say at this point except for these four things. Ice packs, on hands. Love you guys, but my hands hurt and spellcheck is a witch right now since I’m half awake and…I don’t feel like checking over this right now. This one is from Tavros’ point of view, enjoy!

Tavros sighed, his fingers running through his neglected, slightly tangled mohawk. Groaning loudly as he realized he would have to actually brush it once again. His eyes had just cleared up from their past puffiness, and he wiped at them with a cool towel to try and lower the temperature of his overheated face. He was done crying over useless things. Gamzee had a Matesprit. Amd that was that. He had been too late when it came to confessing, and lost his intended. Their were more trolls in the recuperacoons, he just had to keep looking. And that was that.

Tavros pushed the door open from the bathroom after he gained composure, a cool breeze slipping past him and out into the long hallway. Involuntarily shivering as he looked around in a short search for Tinkerbull. It had been almost a good month now, and he wasn’t sure if his small Lusus was still peeved at him for making him play sick for a week straight just in case Gamzee decided to drop in for a surprise visit. He had kept talking to Gamzee at most twice a week over Pesterchum to keep his friend from worrying about him and coming to visit him once again, the Taurus wasn’t exactly ready to face his past crush once again. Not while he was mentally pushing himself to try and find someone else.

He had begun dating again. Vriska and Kanaya had somehow gotten wind of Karkat and Gamzee’s not so new relationship and had came to ‘check’ on him a week after Gamzee’s last visit. Vriska to antagonize at first, until Kanaya came along and they made a new
..temporary pact to try and get Tavros hooked up with someone.

It had been horrible.

The first blind date started off okay…that is until the other troll proceeded to flip out at the sight of a wingedbeast (butterfly), things went downhill after that. 

The second one had progressed with flying colors until the end came and the troll had tried to drag him into the bathroom, talking of a bucket while Vriska (For she had set up the date), laughed her ass off while Kanaya all but tried to murder the fool. The third one…no. Just…no. Tavros was still having nightmares. Screw Vriska and Kanaya, he wasn’t going on another; he was going to choose his own date. And hopefully, this time it wouldn’t be a complete psychopath. Maybe a sweet, goofy, easy to talk to kind of person.

The thought of it made Tavros sigh. His blood pumper wasn’t in it, it was kept by a certain sopor-using goofball. 

But…it was slowly turning. Just a little more time could maybe. Tinkerbull went fluttering through a doorway, pausing for a moment in midair to look at Tavros curiously before he made a loud, odd noise and happily jumped at him. The troll easily caught him, laughing just a little as he hugged the pure white creature. “I uh, thought you were mad at me.” He said softly, nervously. 

The beast snorted once again, nuzzling rhe troll before he went back to his own business of flittering around the house and more or less likely returning to Tavros in hopes of a cuddle session while watching an odd show on the television.

Tavros watched him leave before he continued on his way, into his bedroom. He slipped into his usual wear of shirt and a new addition of thigh-length hugging shorts that Kanaya had forced him to wear after stealing all of his pants and other bottom wears. 

She had almost ‘switched out’ *cough-stolen-cough* his shirts as well if it hasn’t been for the fact that he begged her not to. He fiddled with them nervously before making sense of his hair, working out the small kinks and knocking out the short curls that would more or less become kinks as well of they weren’t properly dealt with. And he’d have to deal with Kanaya’s wrath. Today he was pushed into meeting them again….he had already somehow managed to reject -for he had formed a rebelious streak as well as a little confidence over time-, any offers to more blind dates. And even if they tried, he’d learned how to just sneak out and back to his hive where it was safe and sound and free of Vriska’s or Kanaya’s, or the crazed trolls they found. How frightening dates could be. Tavros sighed some, but groaned loudly once again as the door was knocked on.

He opened the door, only to have a hand shoot out and grab his wrist, he hurriedly managed out a squeaked out goodbye to Tinkerbull before he was dragged out completely and the door slammed behind them. Vriska was smirking and Kanaya, well, looked like Kanaya, a simple, polite smile; even though the brutish strength she had to have pulled him from the hive told otherwise.

"Sup Toreadumbass? Today, we’re spending the night at nubby horns’ place for a while."


"Duh, who else has such small horns?"

"Oh, uh. Then, I have to to get a bag together-"

"Kanaya already got clothes for you." 'I knew it.'

"How long will we be there?"

"Until you-" Kanaya interrupted here, shooting Vriska an odd look before she spoke. "He didn’t say how long, just to get plenty of clothes, and I quote, ‘get our grey asses over before he decides to call this small attempt at being fucking nice for once’. So, let’s go." She said as the spider-eyed troll grunted and crossed her arms."I could’ve told him that."

"Of course you could have." Kanaya said in a patronizing tone, patting Vriska’s shoulder before her limb was quickly swatted away.

"Don’t patronize me woman, let’s go."

Tavros nervously chewed his lip before he blurted, “Who’s all coming?”

"Everyone." The females answered in unison, and as if sensing Tavros’ decision to turn and run, grabbed his wrists and dragged him along. A sinking and almost painfully uncomfortable feeling settling in his stomach. Like that feeling you get late at night when your mouth is dry, and your hungry, but there’s nothing to fill your stomach but icy water. Full, but somehow empty as that weird nauseous feeling starts to form.

"B…but I don’t want to go!"

— An agonizingly long trip later —

Tavros was standing between an irritated Kanaya and Vriska, each grumbling as Kanaya knocked on the door. Tavros had struggled and resisted all the way to the doorsteps, and frankly, these women were strong. Because they had managed to almost literally drag him all the way here kicking and screaming. Karkat swung the door open, gritting his teeth with an absolutely irritated look.

"Get your asses in here. Eridan and Sollux are driving me mad." He hissed,  stepping to the side and watching the trio walk inside. "Hurry up or I’ll cull them both."

They were lead into the living room, and Tavros peeped around the room. The entire group were sprawled on the floor, a movie playing on a large screen; the lights were darkened and he had to squint to see everyone. Off to the side was Equius, Nepeta waving excitedly at them before she went back to chattering to the slightly sweaty troll. In the center were Sollux and Eridan, glaring at eachother and yelling over the movie. Aradia and Feferi were there too, trying to seperate the two. Karkat returned to his positin of tearing the two idiots in the center of the room apart as Vriska and Kanaya plopped down on the floor next to eachother, leaving Tavros alone. Tavros breathed a shaky sigh of relief as he simply settled in next to the couch.

Until he felt warmth against his cheek and a slight shadow in the corner of his eye shift to sit next to him and a small glimt of fangs forming into a smile at him, the soft scent of sopor reaching his senses. 

'Oh cra-“Hey Tavbro!”

I realized something here guys. I love making cliff hangers. It’s like…my trademark now, I do it every chapter I noticed. I just can’t help it. Somebody help ke! I have cliffitis! Woah…that sounds like a real sickness. Hehe. Cliffitis. Until the next update! c:

Jun 26

Anonymous said: Where's the last part to your story? You can't leave me like this! YOU JUST CAN'T /shot/

; u; I….I have -a fan?- fans out there?! *hugs anon*

I swear I smiled when I read this, you just like…made my day with this. Seriously. I’ll update A.S.A.P just for you anon! :’D
Jun 21

The Seven Stages : Part 6

Okay, I SWEAR I didn’t know I would disappear for so long, but I swear I can’t feel my hands because I typed so much. Seriously, I have like….seven mfing chapters typed up that I gotta go spellcheck right now. Father’s day turned into a lot of craziness and I lost internet connection like…just gone. Even my phone lost service for a while, thanks for your patience! Anyways, I got a nice amount of votes in my inbox and even a few tiny suggestions to the ideas I have. This one is Gamzee’s and Karkat in third person. I won’t tell you what I decided, since that’ll probably ruin the surprise for you guys. Sooooo….

Happy reading!

Gamzee had left Tavros’ about a half hour ago, and here he was now. Laying on his stomach, his head propped up on top of his folded arms  in Karkat’s respiteblock with lazy smile as he listened to his Matesprit go on about his day and Sollux’s annoying and half-assed attempts to send viruses to his computer once again. The Capricorn hadn’t necessarily been listening to all of those motherfucking words…but he had been listening enough to know when to nod and when to add in his own thoughts, which more or less consisted of relaxing or simply forgiving his multi-color eyed motherfucker.

Not that Karkat was actually going to do that.

Karkat shut his husktop after finally, somehow ridding his computer of the virus that screwed with his typing. Grumbling some as he stood and sat down next to Gamzee, laying back slightly to rest his head on the other’s shoulder with an irritated sigh. As he did this he quickly pushed the stray hands of the other’s hair out of his eyes as he relaxed against the other male.

"So how was your inevitably useless or somehow considerably momentous visit with Tavros?" The Cancer asked. And subtly decided to pretend he hadn’t actually felt the not-so-slight shift coming his Mate when he heard the Taurus’ name. 

And how he had felt when his heart had skipped and sped up from it’s usual and lazy pace. 

Or even how he didn’t look towards him and give that annoying but somehow alluring goofball smile that he always gave him when Karkat chose to show a teeny bit of interest in what he did with his free time. But instead, there was a soft; sincere smile thattouched his lips. A smile that wasn’t meant for him. But a smile he couldn’t help but want to protect, and hope that someday it would e meant for himself.


He caught himself sounding like some lovestruck and most likely screwed up damsel from the movies he watched.

"Just motherfucking’ great Karbro. ‘Cept his Lusus had all up and caught a hell of a cold and didn’t even all up and try to fly when I went to visit."

"Hn. The I presume that he was worried about the thing. I…guess I can hope that Tinkerbull feels better." Karkat sighed, crossing his arms as he let his eyes shut. Gamzee nodded just a little, that smile on his face slowly growing.

"Yeah, did you know that was the same thing I said to him before I left?Talk about some bitchtits kind of miracle that we say the same thing." Gamzee mumbled absently. 

This made it quite clear that Gamzee’s mind was on something else. Karkat could feel the hollowness in their moderate connection that had formed when they switched to redrom, longing left in it’s wake. He craved for attention, for more than Gamzee was giving right now. Cuddles, soft words, hell, even sitting and talking about his damn miracles. Anything. He just wanted a response, for Gamzee to show that he loved him more than just as a friend, that warm and fuzzy feeling he got when thee bond had first formed. And the awareness that had begun to form had taken a dive, spreading into their redrom relationship and poisoning it. It had him searching for something more.

Karkat unconsciously snuggled closer; his fingers gripping the fabric of the Capricorn’s shirt and letting his eyes drift shut.

"Hey Karbro, so what did you all up and call me over for? We just gonna hang out for a while?" Gamzee asked, smiling a bit as he nuzzled the messy black hair on his Mate’s head. Karkat nodded slightly,  glancing up. "I guess you can put my choice of actions that way. Is there a problem?" Karkat probed, keeping his eyes shut.

"No way! In fact, that sound pretty motherfuckin’ great. Haven’t had enough time to spend with my redbro."

"Then why not spend the night. Crabdad’s too tired from earlier strifes to actually do anything," Karkat asked, before adding quickly so he wouldn’t sound hopeful, "Though I honestly could care less about your choice though. Do what you choose." Gamzee nodded happily nonetheless, his hands snaking around Karkat’s waist with a beaming smile. "Sounds great!" He chirped, laying back. "Then I’ll be all up and bunking with you in your recuperacoon for tonight, bro." Karat scowled at this.

"Hell no! Last time we did that, you nearly ate the slime in there! Fuck that, we’re sleeping in the living room, and pray that Crabdad doesn’t decide to eat you in your sleep." He grunted, his scowl wavering at the puppydog eyes pointed his way. He looked away, until a stretched out honk filled the silence before Gamzee spoke. 



"I promis-""Not happening."
“But,” Before Karkat could cut him off a fourth time, he quickly placed a finger over the shorter troll’s lips. “Shoosh. I don’t…I don’t wanna sleep in the living room. That’s where Crabdad sleeps anyways. And he’s been eyeing my backside for too long, this clown motherfucker ain’t taking the risk of losing his first pailing to that. I’ll just make myself a little nest all up and here on the floor then.” He said, shivering slightly as he remembered the odd glint in Karkat’s Lusus’ eyes -even if that was how he normally looked at everyone-No. He wouldn’t be willing unconcious around that look.

Karkat looked at him oddly, before a bark of laughter escaped him. Silence. His lips twitched. And then again. Before a full blown laughter escaped him, red tears of mirth streaking down his cheeks as he held his stomach; collapsing back from Gamzee’s shoulder and instead to the floor.

"Ar….Are you afraid th….that my Lusus was going to try and p…pail you?" Karkat wheezed between chuckles, a purple tint filling Gamzee’s painted face.

"No! Just…uh…Shoosh." Gamzee muttered again, hiding his face with an embarrased groan as Karkat continued to laugh. “‘s not funny."

"Yes it is!"

The two paused, and an off look reached their faces as they looked at eachother with wide eyes. “Do Lusus’ even pail? Or do they just…appear?”

"…Do Lusus even have genetalia?"

— An awkward conversation with Crabdad and google later —

Gamzee was covering his ears, tears welling up in his eyes as he tried to tune it all out. “I don’t want to hear anymore of that motherfucking stuff! My…my ears are crying…” Gamzee said, running out of the living room and back to his Mate’s room as Karkat screamed at him.

"Don’t leave me to listen to him! Gamzee!"

"Fuck that! Take one for the team!"

==> Gamzee has absconded. 

Karkat stared at Crabdad. Then the husktop. Then Crabdad again with wide and horrified eyes before he shook his head. Not one more minute of this. Slinking to the back of the room as his Lusus’ head snapped up and slowly picked up the husktop.Meeting his gaze, he gulped and shook his head. He couldn’t handle this.

==> Karkat has absconded.

— A teary session of apologies of actually asking about the topic later —

Gamzee had made a pallet of covers and pillows on the floor, fast asleep. Karkat was sitting next to his recuperacoon; half awake and half unconscious as he typed on his husktop. A frown reached his face as he logged off, shutting the computer. He clambered up into his recuperacoon with an unreadable expression and a new mission in his mind.

Get Gamzee with the troll he truly felt red for.

Alright! Now, to go put ice on my hands! Sweet dreams everyone! :3

Jun 17
What is…fuwusjssiix. I couldn’t help myself! I was watching a movie about some seriously screwed up people and this…this was made. e,e


What is…fuwusjssiix. I couldn’t help myself! I was watching a movie about some seriously screwed up people and this…this was made. e,e


Jun 17

The Seven Stages : Part 5

I. Found. Internet!!!!! I didn’t update yesterday since I ended up spending the night at my aunt’s and shiznits. Thanks for waiting! I actually wrote a few updates and different scenarios last night because I got bored. I’ll do maybe a double or triple update tomorrow just to get some of them up. Happy Father’s Day!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 - Your Here

Tavros kept his gaze forward for a long moment; his heart was beating dangerously fast, so fast he had to worry about the thing bursting as he listened to Gamzee speak. What the heck? Why? Tinkerbull was fast asleep. This being given away by the soft snore that came from him.

"Tavros." Gamzee repeated. The Taurus could feel his gaze boring into his face. “Look at me.”

Cringing slightly as the hand wrapped around his wrist tightened visibly, he looked down. His gaze was kept low, instead of looking him in the eye, he gazed at the painted skin around his eyes with nervous fidgets. This seemed to be acceptable as Gamzee’s other hand moved, trailing slowly rolling over Tavros’ jaw and up against his blushing cheek with a serious gaze. He tug him closer until their faces were inches apart, forcing the Taurus to meet his gaze.his fingers moved again, rolling over his soft skin. His breath was warm and alluring an unfocused Tavros, his eyes half lidded before Gamzee’s usual goofy smile appeared once again and he pulled his hand away and brought it up to his face.

"Got it!"


"You had a motherfucking string all up and in your face from when I tackled you bro. Just had to get it." Gamzee said in a simpleton’s tone as he laid back down on the couch, waving his hand that was holding the string left and right as he let his friend stand up. Tavros nodded shakily, asking Gamzee again if wanted anything from the kitchen. He said no and Tavros shrugged as he left to go to the kitchen. His face was flushed in embarrassment, his heartbeat going a mile a minute as he slumped against the counter. Was the clown trying to give him a heart attack?! Groaning some in irritance as he tried to calm a bit, he grabbed a bag of chips and quickly popped a bag of popcorn before heading back to the living room.

The popcorn bag was carefully held between his teeth, unable to hold it in his hand because it was still too hot. A bowl was in one hand and the bag of chips in the other. Sitting down once again when Gamzee sat up and eyed the bag of chips hungrily before giving the Taurus woofbeast eyes as he reached for them.

"I uh, knew you wanted something." Tavros managed to mumble through his teeth before he opened the popcorn bag. He poured it’s contents into the bowl he brought before handing over the bag of chips. 

"Thanks Tavbro."

"No problem." He mumbled as he settled back in. He nervously looked at the screen before grabbing the remote and quickly changing the channel from the disturbingly gory scene. Looking through the info, he gave a sigh of relief when he read that it was a more comedic video instead or horror. He really didn’t think he could handle another scary movie right now. Tavros scooted back in his seat, making sure to properly tuck in Tinkerbull before he relaxed some.

"How long has your motherfucking Lusus been all unhealthy and shit like that?"

"A…about two days."

"Hope all of that sickness fades soon."


An awkward silence filled the air for a moment and Gamzee honked, until Tavros fidgeted some. His mind was throwing questions back and forth, jealousy bubbling up. Without intention, one question slipped out. 

"Hey…so, how’s Karkat?"

"Motherfuckin’ great! Thanks for all up and asking, my redbro is as cool as ever. Stops by every now and again, it’s cool." His friend answered, his eyes 
Iighting up with adoration. It made Tavros feel so…so…


"Hehe, good to uh, hear then!" Tavros answered, putting up a small smile as he sat back. Gamzee proceeded to update the Taurus’ information on their relationship. What the two had done together, how great it was to be with him. How much he liked him. Tears once again began to threaten to break the smaller troll down as he nodded numbly to each adoring comment, each breathy sigh of happiness, each question if he was listening. Each nod made the discomfort forming in his stomach and head just a bit more painful than they needed to be. Why had he even asked? Stupid questions.

He picked up his husktop as Gamzee finally settled in and watched an odd show on the television that had shown up. Tavros’ head ached as he nosed through his games; his eyes bleary and uncomfortable; it was also hard to swallow, and he resisted the urge to toss his husktop aside and cry, to scream at Gamzee, to kiss him and confess all in one moment. But he simply sat there, clacking away at the keys. Gamzee shifted a bit, pulling out his own and booting up the device. Tavros glanced out of the corner of his eyes, seeing his friend open up Pesterchum and begin typing before he looked at his own.

He shouldn’t have asked about Karkat. Curiosity always did kill the cat.

Almost a half hour past before Gamzee moved from his spot, a permanent smile plastered on his face as he stood. “Sorry Tavbro, I gotta go find my redbro now, catch my motherfucking best Taurus friend later?” He asked as he packed up. Tavros nodded some, unmoving for a moment as a pair of warm and secure arms wrapped around him and pulled him into an embrace that was all too short for him to actually savour. ”Hope Tinkerbull feels better!”

Seemingly milliseconds later, Tavros was up. Waving goodbye to Gamzee with that same sad smile, and closing the door once his crush was gone. ‘Don’t say anything, don’t cry, don’t care….don’t…don’t…’ Tavros hand gripped the closest thing near him to keep him upright. A vase, the thing was too light, he let it go; watching it drop and shatter against the floor next to him as he crumpled to the ground with a loud sob.

Hands covering his face as he rocked back. He cried his heart out for the man he couldn’t have, knowing he was happy now. And one thing ran through his mind as the pain and longing tore at his mind.

'Why is something like love meant to be so beautiful and perfect, so painful?'

Okay! Sorry, I swear it’ll get better sooner or later…just…don’t kill me please. Anyways, I’m at a stalemate here on what you guys want.

Jun 16

The Seven Stages : Part 4

I got another possssted! Sorry for the people that go to sleep kinda early since I update late at night ‘cause I’m a nocturnal hobo of a writer. >:3

Anyways, heads up that I might not get internet connection on my tablet for a few days since I’ll be traveling to go see my pops for a little while. I’ll try to update with my phone…but there’s little chance I’ll be able to since it’s kinda laggy and logs me out if I take over a certain amount of time to move to another page. If this happens, big apologies on my part! I’ll try and update a lot faster when I do come back.

Okay I’m blabbing right now, wasting your time? Aren’t I? Your reading this, aren’t you? I’ll stop being a jerkface and let you read the actual story now instead of this distraction. Hehe.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 - Your Here
Part 5 a>

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ♑ + ♉☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

It seemed Gamzee hadn’t wasted any time in getting over to his best bro’s hive, and Tabros was as nervous as ever. Consider it like this, he was so nervous; that if he had been Equius, he would’ve drowned in his own sweat three times over by now. But he was Tavros, with a horrible actor of a lusus who was now lying down on a soft cushion that the Taurus had brought downstairs with soft groans of fake discomfort and tiny, almost unbelievable sneezes. The only thing truly believable about hthe tiny Lusus’ act was his ability to make his skin a bit paler, more flushed; to give him a slight look of sickness. And the only thing that could run through his head was one thing as he heard a knock on the door followed by a honk was four simple words.

He was so screwed.

Tavros stalled some, whispering soft instructions to Tinkerbull as the small creature nodded. He edged shuffled along slowly. But was stirred into a proper walking pace as another moderate-sounding round of knocks came from the door. Opening the door with a nervous smile, he yelped as the Capricorn pounced at him, sending them both to the floor. “Gamzee! What, uh, what are you doing?” He squeaked as the sopered up troll grinned down at him. A bag was slung over his shoulder, his husktop peeking out as well as a few faygo bottles; anything else, if there was anything else in the bag, was hidden from sigh. Tavros was still laying back on the floor, his heartbeat loud in his ears as he was let go and Gamzee sat down next to his head; looking down at him.

"I just couldn’t motherfucking help myself Tavbro! Seeing my best bro after forever all of a sudden like he all up and rose from the dirt. Just kicked me into gear, y’know? Shit’s gonna drive me right off of that deep side of the cliffs if you don’t all up and communicate with me."

"Oh…sorry." Tavros mumbled, sitting up. He lightly kicked the front door shut from his spot before he stood, rubbing the back of his neck as a blush threatened to spill over his face; and longing for what he couldn’t have threatened to push tears into his eyes as he turned towards the kitchen. ‘Just don’t look him in the eye for too long, and you’ll be fine.’ He mentally mentored as he began to walk.

"Uh, T…Tinkerbull is in here. Since he, uh, normally dozes off wherever. I s…set out a pillow for him and stuff."

"You Lusus is all over that road to recovery then, huh?" Gamzee asked as he stood as well and trailed after him. Tavros kept a distance between them, whenever Gamzee would come in a bit too close -and it would cause his heart to begin pound loudly in his ears again; he would take a few steps away or flit to the opposite side of where Tinkerbull was ‘recovering’. Gamzee didn’t see to notice though, and settled in after a moment. Tinkerbull wheezed dramatically before sneezing, and Gamzee’s head snapped up.

"You got any extra covers that he can use to warm up with Tavbro?"

"Yeah, I’ll go get a few."

"No way! I’ll got get them, you gotta work with your gaurdian right here since I ain’t up and gotten acquainted with his symp…sym…fuck it. His cold problems." Gamzee answered as he stood from his seat at a chair across from Tavros. "Where are they?"

"Um…down the hall, t…to the right. There’s a closet there, with a few covers inside." He answered, one hand abesntly scratching tinkerbull behind the ear as the Capricorn left the room. The Taurus let out a breath that he didn’t know he had been holding in and relaxed some, trembling slightly as Tinkerbull tilted his head to look at his young troll. And you could’ve sworn for one momet, that small snort that came from the tiny Lusus had been laughter as he shut his eyes. "It’s not funny Tinkerbull! I, uh, I’m seriously nervous here." Tavros groaned, placing his head against the cool surface of the table. It seemed to calm him just a bit, but it didn’t help his current problem. He heard the door open farther off. Okay, Gamzee was at the closet…he thought. Rubbing his temples a bit as he managed to quiet down his heartbeat and…with little success, try and clear his mind of his best friend.

Tinkerbull didn’t respond, and instead rolled over to turn his back to him with a slight flick of the tail as if to say, ‘Your problem. Not mine. I’m getting some rest.’ Tavros twitched some at the response he got and a blush heated up his face. Some help he was, well…he was help. Normally the small creature would’ve been eager to interact with the visitor, and simply flit around the house.

But having to stay in one spot, no matter how soft it was, was still quite unsettling for the small being. And that was a humongous favor in Tavros’ eyes.

Gamzee came back with an unexpectedly large bundle of covers in his arms. “We’ll all up and move this tiny motherfucker to the livin’ room, yeah? Then we can hang out there.” Gamzee stated with a pleasant smile, Tinkerbull’s ears perked a bit at the words, his eyes lighting up as he nuzzled Gamzee’s hand. Picked up, Tavros slowly stood and followed after Gamzee. “Can’t stay in this tiny room, yeah?” Tavros began nervously chewing his bottom lip as he settled on the couch next to where Tinker had been placed. ‘Please don’t sit next to me, please don’t sit next to-you hate me don’t you?’ Tavros mentally questioned Karma as Gamzee did the exact thing he had been hoping not to do. Sat next to him, and Tavros couldn’t stand up now because that would either a.) cause Gamzee to become suspicious, or b.) hurt his best friend’s feelings and then most likely have to make up some excuse as to why he did stand up.

Tavros bit down on the inside of his cheek, his eyes turning to Tinkerbull, he snorted some more. That better not have been laughter, but how would he know? It’s not like he could tell the difference between a laugh and a snort at a time like this.

Gamzee laid back, his head resting in Tavros’ lap as he looked up at him with a grin. “How are you Tavbro?”

"F…fine, how have you been?" He asked, not looking down but instead grabbed the remote sitting by the edge of the cushion and turning on the television. Anything to distract him.

"I’ve been just motherfucking great! Just wonderin’ where the motherfuck my best bro has been though. You went all ghost and dissapeared for a while! Surprised me when I saw you had all up and logged into your Pesterchum though. Had to hurry up and talk to you, could’ve been my only chance, y’know?"

Tavros felt a small wisp of guilt float through as he heard Gamzee’s words. He guessed cutting off communication with everyone and anyone besides Tinkerbull could’ve been just a little over board. But that was often, people had stopped questioning what he did. But nonetheless, he had never meant to make his best friend worry. He kept his gaze towards the television as his fingers lowered to run through the black strands of hair. The Capricorn sighed pleasantly, but that was all the Taurus could notice due to his new mission to try and not look down at him. The movie playing was odd, and he had no idea what it was about due to forgetting to check the info before he had pressed the watch button.


"Holy mother of grub!" Tavros jumped back in the seat with a scream, eyes wide as a a disfigured and deathly pale, monstrous troll popped up on the screen. Laughter echoed into the room and Tavros looked down at Gamzee with an indignant blush, visibly trembling. The screams continued for a moment before it quieted down within the room, excluding the boisterous laughter coming from his lap.

"T….that w-wasn’t f-funny!"

Gamzee was still laughing, holding his stomach as he tried to quiet down some. “Sorry Tavbro, just didn’t expect you to all up and sceream like that. This motherfucker just couldn’t help it again.” He said, his body still shaking a bit with restrained laughter as he settled back in. Tavros’ face was heated by now as he shifted a bit with a frown. “Let me up, I’m, uh, gonna go get a snack from the kitchen. You want any-” “Tavbro.” He was interrupted by a hand gripping his wrist and tugging him down slightly as that same voice that had seemed to trap him in between emotions rang out once again. This time softer, calling out to him.


"…Tavros. Look at me."


Ooh, cliffies! Sorry guys, I just love to write these things. Welp, until the next update! Thanks for reading! c:

Jun 15
Yeup! Just getting in a little practice beforehand. I tried to draw a dirkjake couple…and I didn’t exactly like it. So I’m practicing expressions and other important shiznits before I retry. Almost got part 4 of The Seven Stages up, one eye for each stage; hehe. = w=

Yeup! Just getting in a little practice beforehand. I tried to draw a dirkjake couple…and I didn’t exactly like it. So I’m practicing expressions and other important shiznits before I retry. Almost got part 4 of The Seven Stages up, one eye for each stage; hehe. = w=

Jun 15

The Seven Stages : Part 3

Okay! I’m am so late in updating! It’s…almost on in the morning over here. Woah. Hehe, at least I got this thing up. Thanks for being patient you guys! By the way, this is exactly two weeks after Tavros finds out about Gamzee and Karkat. It’s kind of short since I’m half-awake and kinda dozing off.

Imma probably go pass out now. c:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 - Your Here
Part 4
Part 5

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Tavros slowly shifted in his sleep, eyes still shut tightly as sunlight threatened to poor into his eyes. A slight shift could be heard and the light in the room dimmed once again, the Taurus murmuring a soft thanks to his small Lusus. He began blinking away the heavy remnants of sleep from his eyes. His room was still a slight mess as usual, filled with things from when he was younger. The half red half yellow bears were in a pile, as well as oogonibombs settled into a pile next to them; he hadn’t touched either for over three sweeps, unless he had woken up and snagged one of the bears to bring downstairs with him only to later on forget about.

His mohawk hair was a brush due to forgetting to brush it yesterday…and the day before that.

Anyways, he climbed out of his uncomfortable recuperacoon, discomfort clear over his shoulders and neck as he wiped off and slipped into a pair of his usual attire. Tinkerbull nudged him into the direction of the bathroom before he flittered into said room with a grunt as Tavros didn’t respond, he came back with a comb carried between his jaws. With a small snort, he landed on his troll’s shoulder and began to pull the comb through his hair.

"Okay, I…I got it." Tavros said monotonously, cringing some as the brush all but raked over his ear. Tinkerbull nudged him apologetically before dropping the comb in his palm.

He left the room as Tavros began to brush out the mane-resembling hair with heavy reluctance. Everything was just…just? Odd. To know that the guy you were ready to confess to was already with another, to know that you were the first one he wanted to tell because you were best friends. And even though you were jealous, you just wanted him to be happy. It was numbing, exhausting. After he was done, he picked up his husktop and tucked it under his arm as he left the room. He headed to the bathroom, dropping the metal item off in the kitchen as he was walking by. He brushed his fang-like teeth, washed his face; the daily routine.

The timid troll sighed some, his gaze lifting to the mirror in front of him. His face was flushed slightly, his gaze looked unreadable. Shaking hus head as he left the small roomand headed into the kitchen.

Sitting down at the table, he sat down and pressed the button to boot up his husk top after he opened it up to see the darkened screen. He fidgeted nervously in his seat as the screen slowly lit up to reveal his wallpaper.

Out of habit, he logged into his pesterchum; glancing through the people that were online. Probably just saying a quick hello and good morning to their friends. There was Feferi, Nepeta, Sollux, Vriska…Karkat.


He quickly began to move the mouse to log out, an uncomfortable lump forming in his throat as a pop up blocked the small x-shaped button. Tavros gulped, his eyes slowly focusing on what had caused the interruption.

terminallyCapricious [TC] began trolling adiosToreador [AT]

TC: tAvBrO!
TC: DoN’t MoThErFuCkInG lOg OfF!
TC: jUsT lIsTeN fOr A sEcOnD.
TC: wHeRe HaVe YoU bEeN bRo?
TC: ThIs MoThErFuCkInG cLoWnBrO hAs BeEn LoOkIn FoR yOu!
TC: YoU gOnNa ViSiT tOdAy MaYbE? :o)
AT: uM,
TC: aWw I hOpE tHe LiTtLe MoThErFuCkeR’s GoNnA bE oKay.
TC: TeLl YoU wHat TaVbRo! I’lL bE aLl Up AnD aT yOuR hIvE tO hElP yOu OuT wItH hIm BeFoRe YoU cAn SaY…
TC: uH. a BiG wOrD tHaT tAkEs A wHiLe To AcTuAlLy SaY.
TC: hOnK hOnK hOnk
TC: I dOn’T mInD aT aLl BrO. yOu HeLpEd Me OuT wHeN i HaD a CoLd, OnLy RiGhT i Do ThE sAmE!
TC: sEe YoU sOoN! :o)

terminallyCapricious [TC] has ceased trolling adiosToreador [AT] —


adiosToreador [AT] has logged off. —

Tavros scooted back in his chair and quickly shut his husktop with short and hervous breaths, running a hand nervously through his hair. He could almost imagine the honks by now, that smell of sopor he had grown so found of. That smile, that personality, that kindness that had made him fall for-no. That wasn’t proper. Tavros shook away the thoughts. He couldn’t feel red for Gamzee, no. Gamzee had Karkat, and feeling red for someone with a mate was wrong.

Why was it so hard to do the right thing and simply squash the feelings out now like a weed.

Because they had already rooted in and was beginning to spread out.

The Taurus fidgeted nervously, standing and pacing slowly around the kitchen; biting down on his lip. Okay, so Gamzee was coming over after Tavros had been avoiding him like the plague for two weeks. And that he had lied for the first time unless he did something to erase his tracks. Oh why?! The moment he tries to do something a little off course, he’s caught. Wait…Tavros slowly peeked over to look at Tinkerbull; who was sitting calmly on the counter. He fidgeted a bit until his Lusus looked at him curiously.

"Hey…do you think you can play sick…uh, just for a little while?"

Jun 15

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Okay, so I’ve been listening to this song while I’m typing up the finishing the touches and rolling over typing errors…and caught a hold of this video, and I realize I have a few followers that like PBJ; so I wanted to share it because I love it. I have a new. Freaking. OTP.